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View Our Previous and Ongoing Projects

Over the years in the industry, we have had the privilege of working on both large-scale and small-scale projects in different sectors. From new construction, utility and maintenance to public events, every job is completed with a commitment to professionalism and safety. We have worked across cities and provinces, providing a highly skilled traffic control workforce, quality equipment, pilot car services and more while adhering to strict safety standards. Take a look at a few of our projects featured below.

No matter your industry and the size of your project, you can trust us always to deliver the best in safety. Contact us for personalized solutions.

Ongoing Projects

  • Site C Penstock Delivery Into Site (Oversize Load Move)

  • Taylor Bridge Welding and Washing

  • Highway 29 Realignment - Various Contractors and Segments

  • Site C Transmission Line Installation

  • Telus Fibre Optic Install Through the Pine Pass

  • MOTI Cecil Lake Realignment and Hill Stabilization

Previous Projects

  • Gundy Creek Road Turning Lane Project

  • Encana High Load Corridor

  • FSJ Water Main Loop Project

  • Pro LNG Rally

  • 271 Road Widening Project

  • Pembina Birch Terminal Highway Turning Lanes Project

  • South Taylor Hill Winter Maintenance

  • Rose Prairie Hot-In-Place Recycling Project

  • Windmill Blade Delivery (Long Oversized Load, Moved at Night)

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