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Pilot Car Services in the Peace Region for Oversized Loads

Are you looking for efficient pilot car services in the Peace Region, Northern BC and Alberta? Energetic Traffic Control Ltd. has got your back. We help our customers transport overweight loads or haul equipment to various locations throughout Canada. Having our well-rounded solution in place ensures that your cargo is escorted safely and on time to its final destination without violating any traffic laws and state regulations.

We care for your satisfaction the most. That’s why we will travel day and night to meet your specific requirements and delivery deadlines. As professionals, we emphasize interacting with clients and understanding their unique needs to deliver seamless service. Contact us today to learn more about our escort vehicles or to hire our pilot car services.

Deliver Safely Throughout Canada With Experienced Escorts

When it comes to transferring your over-dimensional load, Energetic Traffic Control Ltd. takes the burden of heavy haul planning off your hands while maintaining competitive rates. From handling the paperwork for permit requirements to ensuring regulatory compliance, you can count on us to transfer your cargo or heavy equipment safely and reliably through various states in Canada. Our pilot car drivers are educated, trained and have access to operational and safety equipment required to complete every job, and they can actively coordinate with police personnel when necessary. In every pilot car service, our goal is to:

Make the on-road journey safe for the load, the driver and all motorists around.

Prevent damage to the load, the roads, or any infrastructure.

Ensure the safe and on-time arrival of your cargo.

Avoid causing delays to the regular traffic flow.

Coordinate with the state or local authorities to remove obstructions like display boards, traffic signals, and utility wires necessary for safe movement.

traffic control car on the road

Hire Experienced Escorts

Not sure what equipment or sign will fit your traffic control needs?

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